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Davis Life Concepts

Davis Life Concepts provides a framework for self-growth, self-responsibility and self-awareness.

It is a unique programme, created for anyone who wants to:

  • Manage their stress effectively
  • Increase their focus
  • Be more organised
  • Create more order in their life
  • Improve their relationships
  • Make better decisions
  • Take more responsibility

The concepts are effective for youth (over the age of 8), teenagers, young adults and adults of any age.  They can also provide a very helpful framework for families and couples who want positive strategies and a common language for working through issues that arise.

Davis Life Concepts

What is Davis™ Concepts for Life?

It is an individualised program based on Ron Davis’s work – Nurturing the Seeds of Genius.  This was originally created as a road map for autistic individuals to navigate their way through life, but soon proved invaluable for everyone, because it addresses the fundamental life’s concepts needed to function effectively and successfully.

Davis Life Concepts provides the opportunity for you to create meaningful, lasting change in your life.

What is involved?

Firstly you are coached through a series of simple, effective tools to manage stress, control energy levels and maintain focus.

Following this, you create clay models of 40 life-concepts, including consequence, time, sequence, order and disorder – allowing you to gain control of your environment.

You will also explore concepts such as emotion, want, need, motivation, and responsibility – resulting in greater control of your internal world and the enhanced ability to apply them effectively into your life.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Increased self awareness
  • Self management tools to assist with:
  • Stress
  • Focus
  • Energy levels
  • Insight into the relationship between cause and effect
  • Understanding of time, sequence and order
  • The ability to establish order in one’s environment and daily life
  • Awareness of the role that emotion plays in self-motivation
  • The ability to apply a framework to establish self-responsibility
  • Recognition of different types of relationships
  • The enhanced ability to make decisions based on what is right or wrong for self

How is this programme structured?

Davis™ Concepts for life is a flexible programme.  It is generally run intensively, but the schedule can be tailored to the individual, depending on their needs and time requirements.  This programme requires an initial commitment to 30 hours, with the possibility that there may need to be additional hours to complete the programme.


For a Davis™ Concepts for Life Programme, Wellington Learning Solutions will provide:

  • A free, no-obligation Initial Consultation.
  • An individualised programme with Margot Young, starting with an initial 30-hour commitment.
  • Unlimited phone and email consultation with Margot.
  • A Davis™ Concepts for Life manual.


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Concepts for Life
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