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Davis Stepping Stones 2

Stepping Stones 2 follows on from the ground-breaking Davis Stepping Stones programme as the second step to the Davis Autism Approach Programme. They have been developed to assist you in helping your child or student to develop the foundational life lessons needed to complete essential early childhood development stages.

It is a gentle, holistic programme, suitable for those who have completed Stepping Stones and are ready for the next step, but who are not yet ready for the full Davis Autism Approach.  This includes:


  • Autistic individuals under the age of 8
  • Autistic individuals with very limited language
  • Autistic individuals who have been using the NOIT and have begun to develop a sense of self

The structure of the programme is flexible to enable it to be delivered in the most harmonious way for your child.

Davis Stepping Stones 2 follows on seamlessly from Stepping Stones

Davis Self-Regulation Tools
If ready, the child is given a set of self-regulation tools.  These tools empower them to able to:

  • maintain or regain focus
  • manage stress
  • regulate their energy level

These are simple, yet effective techniques that work in harmony with the autistic individual.

Davis Stepping Stones 2

Davis Stepping Stones 2 Life Concepts

Following on from change and consequence, the child is facilitated towards gaining an understanding of additional life concepts, and how they relate to self and others, building on what was covered in Stepping Stones.  This is achieved through explicit teaching using clay models.

The following concepts are covered in the Stepping Stones 2 program:

  • Time
  • Sequence
  • Order/disorder

Each concept is covered in the following way:

  • It is introduced in small steps, through demonstration and experienced together with the child in a fun way that appeals to them.

The child is guided to create a clay model of the concept, and master it.

Stepping Stones 2

Integration of Life Concepts
The participant has LOTS of experiences with the concept in the real world with their support person – this is what integrates the concept into self.

Physically interacting with these concepts in the environment, facilitates an understanding of these life’s lessons and their transference into daily life. Integrating these concepts into their identity takes the confusion and chaos out of life and gives the participant the ability to make predictions, cope with different situations, and be able to create order in their life.

Programme Structure

Davis Stepping Stones 2 is a flexible programme, depending on the needs of your child.  Options include:


Fully Facilitated
Margot can take your child through the full programme, while you reinforce the learning at home or school.


Part Facilitated
Margot can take your child through part of the programme and coach you through part of it, with her support.


Mentor Support
You can take your child through the programme yourself or with Margot’s mentor support.

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Margot Young

Licensed Davis Facilitator

Autistic children

“My student’s attention has improved dramatically and his speech production is the best we have ever heard from him.  I really was not expecting change that quickly.” – Speech-language therapist

“In the past year since we started the Stepping Stones programme, my son has developed a stronger sense of self and his own identity. He very rarely speaks in the third person now. His is increasingly more independent as he sleeps in his own bed now and it is easier to leave him with others. He is much more able to cope with change and is less anxious. He is able to find his own strategies or justification for things happening that he doesn’t like or is unsure of. I appreciate Margot’s flexibility, her calm, relaxed approach and her ability to connect and relate to S.” -Rachel, mother of 7 year-old boy


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